Media accreditation form

#Full nameWork phoneMobile phoneEmail addressOrganizationType of mediaWill you be on siteWill you need access to the media centre for every day of the eventIF NO to above, which days access will be needed?Do you want all press releases sent to youLanguage of press releasesIf coming on your own boat and choose YES, you agree to be a bound by the Press and Spectator boat policy, as outlined by attachment C in the Notice of Race for the World ChampionshipIF YES to above, please provide FULL details of your boat, including driver´s full name, mobile phone number, emailDo you want to be on the water in an organize provided boat?IF YES to above, which days and for how many and what type of people?
1Fiona Brown+44 7711718470+44 7711718470fiona.brown@melges24.comInternational Melges 24 ClassotherYESYESYESEnglishNONoneYESIMCA official media boat - to run the official event blog.
2Tomi Hakola+358405352020tomi.hakola@nelonenmedia.fiNelonenMediatvYESYESYESFinnishNONO
3Johanna Backas+358407231434+358407231434jbackas@gmail.comFinnish & Estonian Melges 24 Fleet r.y. otherYESYESYESFinnishYESIMCA official media boat
4Magda Rosso+39 0321 378256+39 333 2185266magdarosso@hotmail.comItalian Melges 24 ClassotherYESYESfrom agoust 6th to 12thYESEnglishNOYESfrom agoust 6th to 12th
5Külli Haav+3725119433kyllih@gmail.comEJLotherYESYESYESEnglishNOYESall, IMCA mixed days: some with est press, some with cameraman
6Jonathan0033638846585jonathan.voisin@gmail.comVoile & MediasonlineYESNOI would like to access the Media Centre on the 9th and 10th of AugustYESEnglishYESI would like to go on the water on the 10th. I will be alone. May I go on two, the race committee and one semi rigid for some actions around the marks.
7Kristjan Kalkun372 6284423372 5117697kristjan.kalkun@err.eeERRtvYESNO7. augustNOEstonianNOYES7.august and 12.august
8Riina Ramst+3725104736riina@puri.eeEJLonlineNONOYESEnglish
9aivo Kallas+3726660568372 56488477aivo@kliffjaklaus.eekliff & klaus stuudo oüprintYESNO
10Joel Kukk44 77 0765197 9742joelkukk@gmail.comPärnu PostimeesprintYESEstonianNO
11viani paola00393395454370paolavianipress@gmail.comamante sailing teamotherYESYESYESEnglishYESall days
12andres putting5629841456298414andres.putting@delfi.eeAS DelfionlineYESNONONOYES
13ester vaitmaa56608893ester.vaitmaa@delfi.eeAS DelfionlineYESNONOEstonianYESnot clear yet
14HIRAI JUNICHI81-90-2547-6505editor@sailmagazine.jpBULKHEAD magazineonlineYESNOYESEnglishNO
15Janna Buriani+39 3453393291janna@zerogradinord.itZerogradinordonlineYESYESYESEnglishNOYES
16Janna Buriani+39 3453393291janna@zerogradinord.itZerogradinordonlineYESYESYESEnglishNOYES
17Mauro Melandri+39 3929512407info@zerogradinord.itZerogradinordonlineYESYESYESEnglishNOYES
18Emanuel Richelmy+390686764493+393339250819comunicazione@artegraficapls.itYacht CapitalmagazineYESNOYESEnglishNONO
19Lauri Hermann+ 372 6284429+372 5135904etvsport@err.eeEesti RahvusringhäälingtvYES10.-12.08YESEnglishYES10.-12.08 two persons: reporter and cameraman
20Joachim Rieken+491781828700info@sailinganarchy.deSailingAnarchy.deonlineNONOYESEnglish
21Sebastian Kalabis+493031990486+491776283089info@satzundsehnsucht.deSatz und Sehnsucht Mediengestaltungphotographer, freelanceNONOnoneYESEnglishNONO
22Istvan Rujak+36302809801ruji@ruji.huHAJO MagazinmagazineYESNOYESEnglishNONO
23Raul Mee66701335162019raul.mee@aripaev.eeÄripäevonlineYESNONOEstonianNONO