Clutch return spring John Deere 5200 – 5210

Clutch return spring John Deere 5200 5210

So me and my poppa just replaced the flywheel in a John deere 5200 Tractor and we found a spring in the bell housing we could not get a staight answer we put it back together anyway every thing seems to work but the clutch wont fully disengage its slight problem does anyone have the drawing showing a clutch return spring or could tell me where it is really not looking forward to cracking that thing open again Thank you

Did you have to replace the flywheel due to clutch wear?

If so, what was done with the lined plate and pressure plate assembly, was it disassembled, and the plates ground and the lines plates replaced and the fingers set up properly?

My thought is that the popped-out spring is supposed to be in the pressure plate assembly to push plates apart when the clutch is depressed (or the PTO engaged).

In that case, there should be at least 2 more identical springs arranged symmetrically around the pressure plate assembly,

It’s unlikely (impossible) there’d just be the one.

Of course, that stray spring could be a leftover from someone’s previous mucking around in that area, and it MAY not be missing from the current pressure plate, at all.

As others have told you there’s a LOT to inspect and set up properly when doing a clutch job, not to mention a complicated pressure plate like this with both traction and PTO clutches.

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