John Deere 5210 MFWD with turf tires

John Deere 5210 MFWD with turf tires

John Deere 5210 MFWD with turf tires. I have my eye on a JD 5210 MFWD loader tractor but it has turf tires all the way around. I want it for general loader work as I hate not having MFWD, raking and tedding, and eventually put a 10 bale grapple on it. It has 5,000 hr with the 541 self leveling loader and it also has the power reverse option, which is something else I desire. It looks to be in good shape, but I’m not sure about the turf tires, have no experience with them.

Would this tractor work, with the turf tires, for what I want to do, especially with a 10 bale grapple?

Were the tires to be changed to ag tires do those require different rims than the turf tires?

John Deere 5210 MFWD with turf tires
John Deere 5210 MFWD with turf tires

We have this exact tractor and loader but with the sync shuttle transmission we bought brand new in 1999. We still have it and it has been an excellent tractor. I think there’s around 1800 hrs on it and 1500 of those hours have been doing grapple work with a 6′ heavy duty anbo grapple. This tractor just runs and runs and runs. The 5000 series had some issues with the small springs in the rear brakes getting stuck open and causing the brakes to not release. I seem to recall we had about $600 in parts and labor to get them replaced and we had that done about 200 hours ago.

John Deere 5210 MFWD with turf tires 2

You will want to load the rear tires if you’re going to be using the loader much. We have ag tires on it and think you’ll want to plan on adding them. This tractor doesn’t have a lot of weight to begin with and I don’t think the turf tires will allow you to accomplish what you’re wanting to do. Most of that grapple work was done by me and I couldn’t imagine swinging around 1,000 to 1,500 lbs in the air with turf tires; ag tires would be a must in my mind. My only complaint is when bush hogging thick stuff it can put quite a load on the 45 pto hp. I wish we would have opted for the 5310 or 5410; hindsight is always 20/20. Overall it has been fantastic tractor. BTW, we added a WR Long splitter valve to run the grapple and it has been excellent. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.

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