John Deere 5210 pont highdraulics

John Deere 5210 pont highdraulics

I have a John Deere 5210. It has 300 hours of light use on it. MY 3 pont highdraulics will not lower. I have tried adjusting the tension on the adjustment under the seat, but this doesn’t cure the proble. Do you have any suggestions or advise? Can that valve be rebuilt and how do ytou remove it?

Hi my name is Jeremy. In your write up you have that it is a 5210 but in the model you have 5203. I am going to take that it is the 5203 tractor since the 5210 was not built in 2006. If it is a 5203 first check to see if the rate of drop valve is not shut off. If the rate of drop is turned all the way counter clockwise I can easily tell you that it is the unloading valve in the control valve for the three point. John Deere has had several problems with this model tractor on the control valves and I have replace around 50 of them myself. I can see by the year model that the tractor is probably not in warranty unless it was a prior year model purchase. I would still recommend you contacting you local John Deere dealership and talking to them, they should be able to get John Deere to pay for a new control valve which is around $750.00, you might have to pay labor which wont be much compared to the valve. The new valve is chrome plated in the areas that the valve is sticking in the control valve. Valve sticks due to moisture in hydraulic fluid and condensation which pits the valve and causes it not the stick. With the chrome plating valve wont rust so valve wont stick.

John Deere just released part to rebuild that valve just a month ago so yes it can be rebuilt. The way to remove that valve is to first you need to hold up what ever peice of equipment you have on the back or if nothing you need to hold up the three point arms to keep them from going to the ground when you remove the valve. If you dont hold them up you will get a oil bath when you remove the control valve. Once you have the three point held up, remove the seat 2 bolts take 15mm socket will have to slide seat forward to remove back one and slide seat back to remove front one, unplug seat switch and remove seat. The valve you are going for is the valve that has the handle that you adjust your rate of drop of the three point. It has 2 bolts 13mm socket to remove them, then you pry the valve forward and out. Look at the valve for the way that it is in there. Handle should be at the bottom on your tractor but make sure. Once you have the valve out you remove the allen head bolts #25 on the front of the valve and pull front off. Then there is a plug with flat sides on it #6, remove plug, then there is a spring #7 remove spring, then the valve #5 under the spring. This is the valve is the valve that is sticking. Remove this valve, either you can polish this valve up with fine emory cloth, or you can replace it with new valve. When reinstalling make sure to install the same direction as you removed it or the three point wont work at all. If you do pull valve out and rotate valve. Handle should go to bottom.

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